Monday, September 24, 2007

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Tonight, I have the smells of the city and of the day fully saturated in my skin. It's funny how smell triggers memory.
(& just what/who I am thinking of at any given second)
I love long drives, especially ones late into the night with a CD of good music at hand. I also love time to think alone in my car, and a highway stretching out before me. I love that I've finally figured out how to drive and get places without trying - there's a momentary panic that I am somehow lost, but somehow, I find my way.

I'm going to be very tired tomorrow - it's nearly 1:30 am and I still have dishes to do, and there's just an empty bed upstairs coz Tim is coming back tomorrow, now - but I wanted to write a bit, because I've had a totally awesome weekend and the good things need to be written down too.

I got to ride a horse on Saturday, for the first time in years and years. I found a local farm that wants volunteers... so I'm going to try and be out there whenever possible. I'm ridiculously happy to just be near horses again. They're such intelligent and magnificent creatures. I'm still (re-)learning how to do things like get them to take their bit, how to catch them in the pasture, how to lead them and get them to work co-operatively with me... but I'm getting there. Riding is a definite plus, and I'm getting into learning all the horses' personalities... but honestly? I'd be content just to groom them all day and love them. They're darn affectionate, and curious as anything. They're also like 2000 lb puppies, when it comes down to it. One day, I'll have my own horse...

Yesterday/this morning was also Tina's housewarming, and so I went and met a bunch of awesome new people, and have generally had a busy day of seeing as many people as possible.
Tina was kind enough to inflict breakfast upon us at 8 am this morning, and after such, Kimi and I went and surprised Megan by showing up at her work. We chatted while Megan got ready for the day, and then Megan's parents showed up randomly too, so I said hi to them.
When Megan actually had to work, Kimi and I left to head back into the city. Kimi went home, and I urgently called Trevor to see what he was up to. We met up, went to the park, had ice cream... generally, the good stuff, along with a lot of bitching about life, the universe, and everything. We also decided that should he and Sarah W. ever procreate, they would have musical genius children... but since he and Sarah are already far too alike, that would be a Bad Idea.
Later, I met up with Kael, coz we haven't had proper face-time in about half a year. As always, it was a good visit, and I got the joy of backing out of an extremely narrow driveway on my way home.

Now it's about quarter to 2, so I'm going to do dishes and go to bed. Love to you all. <3


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